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Antoine van der Heijden (1976) became involved with study of dragonflies and damselflies through a dragonfly project by the Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie (NJN), mid 1990’s. This project kindled a fascination for these spectacular insects that never faded away.

In 1996, Antoine created a website about the European dragonfly species, which he maintained until 2005. By then, the quality of pictures made by digital cameras had surpassed that of scanned slide films. The website was taken offline and an effort was made to re-photograph as many species as possible, with digital SLR cameras. Feeling the collection was complete enough to share with anyone interested, he created this new website which launched in spring of 2019.

Antoine van der Heijden photographing Winter Damselflies (Sympecma spp.) Photo: Rene Manger

Special interests:

  • Conservation and protection
  • Distribution of species
  • Recognition of species
  • Ecology and behaviour

Activities include:

Some publications (co)authored by Antoine van der Heijden can be found on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Antoine-Van-Der-Heijden

If you wish to comment on my website or get in touch with me, feel free to fill out and submit the form below. Have you seen a photo on my site you want to use for a publication or educational purpose? Let me know and I’m sure we’ll get to an agreement.

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