Aeshna caerulea (Ström, 1783) – Azure Hawker
NL: Azuurglazenmaker | DE: Alpen-Mosaikjungfer | FR: Aeschne azurée

Aeshna caerulea (Azure Hawker) is one of the smaller hawkers in our area. Few and small markings on the chocolate brown thorax and a single colour pattern on the abdomen are characteristic for the Azure Hawker.
Distribution is restricted to the cooler parts of Europe: large parts of Scandinavia and Scotland and above the tree line in the Alps and Caucasus mountain ranges. Due to the cool air in these locations, Azure Hawkers spend much time warming in the sun perched on stones and wood and are quite approachable. With cold weather the bright blue markings on male Azure Hawkers fade to a drab grey.