Aeshna serrata Hagen, 1856 – Baltic Hawker
NL: Getande glazenmaker | DE: Baltische Mosaikjungfer | FR: Aeschne dentée

Aeshna serrata (Baltic Hawker) is a very large hawker with more brightly coloured markings than the other hawkers of similar size. Abdominal markings in males are predominantly bright blue, in females yellow.
The range of Baltic Hawkers spans much of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Georgia. The species is possibly extinct in Turkey. In Europe, the species can be found in Finland and Estonia and recently expanded into Sweden and northern Denmark.
Characteristic for European populations are the presence of saline water and very large zones dominated by reed (Phragmites australis). In Southern Finland, Estonia and Eastern Sweden Baltic Hawkers breed in the Baltic Sea itself.