Cordulegaster boltonii (Donovan, 1807) – Common Goldenring
NL: Gewone bronlibel | UK: Golden-ringed Dragonfly | DE: Zweigestreifte Quelljungfer | FR: Cordulégastre annelé

Cordulegaster boltonii (Common Goldenring) is a very large species with a wing span of up to 10 centimeters. Common Goldenrings inhabit a variety of flowing waters, from brooks to small rivers, where nymphs burrow in sandy sediment of shallow parts. Suitable habitat is often shaded by trees.
The geographical range of Common Goldenring encompasses most of Europe, from southern Scandinavia to northern Africa. In south-eastern Europe it’s replaced by Cordulegaster heros (Balkan Goldenring).
Individuals of southern Spanish and North African populations have larger yellow spots and are considered subspecies Cordulegaster boltonii algirica.