Libellula fulva Linnaeus, 1758 – Blue Chaser
NL: Bruine korenbout | UK: Scarce Chaser | DE: Spitzenfleck | FR: Libellule fauve

Libellula fulva (Blue Chaser, known in the UK as Scarce Chaser) is a widespread species that occurs in most European countries but is pretty much absent from Iberia. In suitable habitats it can locally be extremely abundant.
Blue Chasers often have dark brown or black wing tips but the extent of this varies strongly between individuals. Females usually have larger dark patches in the wing tips than males. With their similar colouration, mature male Blue Chasers can be confused with Black-tailed Skimmers (Orthetrum cancellatum). Typically members of the genus Libellula have a dark, triangular zone in the hind wing base which is absent in Orthetrum cancellatum.