Sympecma paedisca (Brauer, 1877) – Siberian Winter Damselfly
NL: Noordse winterjuffer | DE: Sibirische Winterlibelle | FR: Leste enfant

Sympecma paedisca (Siberian Winter Damselfly) has the same exceptional life cycle as the similarly looking Common Winter Damselfly (Sympecma fusca): imagos overwinter and can be found in every season. During winter they survive temperatures well below freezing point and they can be found with ice crystals on the eyes or buried in snow.
The two species can be distinguished by the markings on their thorax as well as the subtle difference in colours: Siberian Winter Damselflies are generally darker and more subdued in colours than Common Winter Damsels.
Siberian Winter Damselflies are rare in western Europe but become more common to the east and the geographical range extends all the way east to Japan.

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