Gomphus schneiderii Hagen, 1850 – Turkish Clubtail
NL: Turkse rombout | DE: Türkische Keiljungfer | FR: Gomphe de Schneider

Gomphus schneiderii (Turkish Clubtail) replaces Common Clubtail (Gomphus vulgatissimus) in the southern Balkan Peninsula and Turkey. Both species may overlap in northern Greece but the exact distribution is still unclear. Turkish Clubtails look very similar to Common Clubtails but have blueish eyes instead of green and the yellow markings on thorax and abdomen are more extensive in the former. Because of their almost identical appearance (and local variations that make reliable identification even harder), G. schneiderii is sometimes considered a subspecies of G. vulgatissimus. The status of the species is debatable and needs more research.