Gomphus vulgatissimus (Linnaeus, 1758) – Common Clubtail
NL: Beekrombout | DE: Gemeine Keiljungfer | FR: Gomphe vulgaire

Gomphus vulgatissimus (Common Clubtail) is a widespread species, with a range that covers most of Europe. Common Clubtails inhabit slow-flowing water, from small streams to large rivers.
Common Clubtails have a dark abdomen with a green or yellow line down the full length except for segments 8 to 10.
In Turkey and most of Greece Gomphus vulgatissimus is replaced by Gomphus schneiderii (Turkish Clubtail). The two species are confusingly similar in appearance and the latter is sometimes considered a subspecies of the former.

Emergence of a female Common Clubtail in May 2017: