Two new pages in Dragonflies 101

For most dragonfly lovers in our region, dragonfly season starts around April. That you can see imago’s all year round, even in winter, will be known by now: both Winter Damselflies (Sympecma sp.) do not hibernate as nymphs or eggs, but survive the cold months as imagos. Read all about it in this article: Frozen Damselflies, The exceptional life cycle of Winter Damselflies (Sympecma sp.)

Although true dragonflies (anisoptera) and damselflies (zygoptera) share many characteristics and are often confused, they aren’t exactly the same thing. This article is dedicated to the differences and should be helpful for those who want to know how to tell either imagos or nymphs of the two suborders apart: Dragonfly or damselfly: the differences explained. An illustrated guide to morphological features of both suborders

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